After Irene – a little water, a lot of light and love

We’ve had a rough week at the Coco house.  The hurricane left us with no power for a while and a basement full of water.  Slowed me down incredibly this week and the whole thing has left me exhausted.

I needed a little pick me up so I decided to post these image I did for myself of my own son.  I don’t put my own stuff on here often.  I get nervous.  Which is silly right?

Sometimes, I need to do a little something for my own inner artist, something to just make me happy, tell a story, get me to think outside the box.  I need to dream and put it out there.

I found these wishing lanterns – you light them and let them go into the water as you release your wishes and dreams into the universe.  I loved them. The symbolism of this got to me.  An idea was born.

I wanted to tell a story of a boy and his dreams and letting them go out into the water.  We all have so many dreams as kids!  If we only dreamed as big now as we did then we’d be pretty unstoppable.  This lovely little model is my own little guy.  It cost me one Optimus Prime Transformer Talking Mask.

I told him to make a wish, let his dreams go…

He was pretty excited.

and then a little nervous…

and then excited again.  (and distracted by this really cool crate.  He’s three and a half, after all…)


He’s dreaming big.  Bigger than the moon he tells me. To the stars and back.

Letting a second batch off….


But he didn’t want to let them go…


Sometimes dreaming is a little scary.

Yet peaceful too.






  • Kelly Ridgell

    WOW!! I love them all but that last one really tugs at my heart. You should share your “personal” stuff more often!

  • Lauren

    I love the kind of mom you are to that beautiful child. Talk about light. xoxo

  • susan

    Christina~ These are both beautiful and inspiring!! They are so so dreamy…and so lovely to see right after the wrath of Irene…I was in a small town outside of Boston, so I got a nasty little taste of her! Finally back home with my babies in Vegas though and extremely grateful! It’s the little things, and their big dreams that make children so special:) So happy to here you and your family are safe also!

  • Carrie

    I agree – you should share your “personal” stuff more often – the images are beautiful!

  • Natalie Clayshulte

    These are so amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • stephanie

    so awesome, Coco!

  • Lee Arrington

    These are incredible! Thanks for allowing us to share his joy and the beauty of your work.

  • Julie

    how amazing and true. i often find myself wishing i could dream like a kid again.

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  • Anne

    These are amazing!