About me.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a photographer.  Funny, because it wasn’t anything I articulated for a long time even though it was always a part of my life.  I was on the high school yearbook photography staff, and took a million photography classes in college, but it was never anything I thought I could BE.

My first career was in the fashion industry.  I started as an assistant buyer at Barneys New York and ended as the National Sales Director for Henry Beguelin.  I had an amazing career that was filled with travel, glamour and beauty.

The funny thing is that it wasn’t me.  As much as I loved the clothes and the travel – at the photo shoots I would be lingering to look at the photographer’s gear, not the looks of the season.  At the showroom I would spend more time composing a Polaroid of a sample rather than merchandising the buy.  I was, and am, a photo geek.

Then enter my son.  A muse, a model, a break from the fashion industry and everything it was about.  I realized I was more comfortable being super silly with him rather than trying to act cool in Milan.  I had found myself.  I was a mom, I was a photographer.  It was who I was meant to be.

I love being goofy with kids.  It’s probably when I’m most myself.  Reading the child and seeing what I need to do to get their true personality in my camera.  Being patient and quiet or hyper and silly.  There is that moment I love when a session just flows – I get the beauty in those chubby cheeks and capture a real belly laugh in my camera and my day is complete.  I am not perfect, and neither is my work.  Sometimes I like messy hair, missing teeth, and un-tucked shirts.  Matching attire is usually not my thing – each child has their own character, favorite colors and sensibility and I think that should come through in a photograph when they look back as an adult.

So since I’ll know a bunch about you before we work together…  here is some silly stuff about me:

My flaws…  I don’t speak French, but wish I did.  I am a lousy dancer (but, please, don’t tell my kid, he thinks I’ve got talent.)  Then there is my singing voice… apologies in advance if we work together and your child is under two!  Serious, serious apologies.  My biggest regret in life is not having lived abroad.  When I’m tired I tend to mumble.

The positives…  I’m a great swimmer – you can’t get me out of a warm pool or turquoise ocean.  I am double jointed in my left thumb.  I am freakishly strong.  My husband calls me MacGyver because I can fix anything.  I love Starbucks and chocolate covered pretzels.  Most important for you?  I love my job.  A lot.

You should also know
  • I'm a Pinterest addict.
    I'm a Pinterest addict.

    Want to see what I love and my style?  My Pinterest page will give you a little insight.  It’s what I do before I fall asleep every night.  I’m telling you, it’s better than Ambien. Feel free to checkout my Pinterest page!


  • I am a beach bum.
    I am a beach bum.

    Ok, maybe not a bum, but it’s my happy place.  My family and I are in the never ending argument over pool or beach.  The guys love the pool, I am a beach girl.  Give me sand, surf…  I’m in heaven.  The beach calms me like nothing else and it’s probably why you’ll notice the majority of my sessions are by the water.

  • I am a member of PPA
    I am a member of PPA

    Professional Photographers of America, WPPI,  and Canon Professional Services.  What does that mean for you?  I’m insured, and I will always have equipment backup in case I have a problem.  I’m protected which means you are too.

  • I've been published
    I've been published

    My photography has been featured on two covers of Connecticut Parent Magazine.  I was also very proud to have one of my images used for a national marketing campaign by the March of Dimes.