A new look…


No, no, not the hat…  my blog!!

Everyone has a few things they aren’t good at.  I have some random ones, math (horrible), scrapbooking (never finish an album!) and then as far as photography goes – taking a self portrait with my son.  Exhibit A is above – you see my silly mug on here and not his!  One day I’ll get that right, but as of right now this is all I can get solo.  He gives the best smooches and one day I’ll capture them properly…  but until then, I don’t get the right angle.  You can see how much I adore him, however, so I still like this picture.

Another thing I’m not good at?  Certain elements of design.  Logos, blog/web design – need a little love in this area.  I will spend a million years on the tiniest thing and it still doesn’t look right to me.  So, I’m excited to show you my new blog and logo design starring the AMAZING work of Lisa Reichman from Luxecetera!  (check them out at http://www.luxecetera.com)  I really love it and I hope you do too!!  Lisa did an amazing job of understanding who I am and what I am trying to achieve.  I adore her and her work!  If you need any design work done – call them, email them, stalk them!!  There is a waiting list for a reason!!

The new web site is following soon – it’s the next project and I am so excited that all of this is coming together!  I hope your summer has been as wonderful as mine!!  Now, back to work!

  • http://www.laurahaleyphotography.com Haley Lancaster

    are you kidding? these pics are amazing! and beautiful of you!!!!

  • http://www.laurahaleyphotography.com Haley Lancaster

    ps– love the everchanging blog!