A little reunion…

During college I lived with 5 guys and another girl.  I can’t really remember how it happened, but somehow I ended up living with a good part of my school’s football team.  I know, my dad wasn’t thrilled…  Funny enough, he should have been happy.  It was like I had 5 brothers looking out for me most of the time, it couldn’t have been more platonic and it was really special is so many ways.  I remember it with a laugh most of the time because they were just messy, hysterical, sweet and a painfully (at least to me) teasing group of guys.

Out of the boys, I was closest to Beer (his last name, but it will always be his only name to me).  He was the guy who would cheer me up after a breakup, who would make fun of the ones who came to pick me up, and ask me those silly girl questions that you can’t believe guys don’t know.  He was a sweetheart, cute as a button and I can’t tell you how many girls said, “You live with Jon Beer????” with googly eyes that begged for some sort of detail.

Well, they didn’t succeed, but I got to meet the girl who finally got Jon Beer a couple years ago, and she was perfect for him in  my eyes.   Shortly after they got married and had this little adorable charmer named Andrew.

I showed up and Andrew was sleeping, but as soon as he woke up and I saw the pretty light in his room I took this…

I mean, can you imagine waking up looking that cute?

We headed over to the park and found some great spots to hang out and take some pictures…  Andrew is almost one and he is FAST.  We were playing baby wranglers most of the afternoon!

One of mom, because technically this was her mother’s day present…

This isn’t the best shot, but it’s an inside joke.  See, Beer?  I told you I could change the color…

I loved this little spot we found under a tree.  You wouldn’t believe how many people were around us and it looks like we are in our own private yard!

And one for Danielle – I was able to get the tilt head – just one, but I got it!

It was go good seeing you guys.  I miss you!

Lots of love, C



  • http://www.bellinipics.com/blog stephanie

    so cute! love the vertical under the tree!

  • http://www.shortstoriesphotography.com Julie Sowers

    These are all just precious! He is so adorable. I was going to pick a favorite, but after listing so many in my head, let’s just say I love them all!

  • Danielle

    Love these pics Cristina! You are an amazing photographer and the model is quite delicious if I do say so myself:)