a creative kick in the bum

I so needed this!

I just got back from a workshop in Pittsburgh with the very talented Australian photographer Barb Uil, otherwise known as Jinky Art.  She is AMAZINGLY talented – just oozes with ideas and creativity.  Her work makes my heart sing (her words for something else, but I found it so appropriate when trying to describe how her images make me feel).

These are some of the images I captured while studying with her.  I love that they are concept sessions – props without being too done.  Showing everyday life, but just a little exaggerated.  Isn’t that how children see things?  Life – but more colorful, whimsical and filled with wonder and imagination…  I am bursting with ideas (all written down in my new creative journal) and now I just need places and people.

I was so humbled this week as a photographer.  There are so many talented people out there to inspire you.  Have you been inspired lately in what you do?  If not, I hope that you can find what I did this week.  A nice kick in the bum to get you into action and make your daydreams into reality.  Gosh, I needed that.

This is my favorite image of the workshop.  I found this little caterpillar while we were shooting and gave it to Jinky’s daughter to hold…  normally I might have passed it by, but it was too colorful and with her high socks it looks like Alice in Wonderland to me.

No, this wasn’t a model.  Again, these are clients of the hosting photographer.  Um, hello beautiful people.  Wow, I love these mason jars as lanterns!!  And do you see how mommy and baby’s heads and mom’s arm make a heart on the bottom left???

I loved this little guy.  All he needed was a goat.  Oh wait, there was a goat – he just wasn’t cooperating when I took this image.  Seriously, she brings goats to sessions!

This little two year old was SO happy and beautiful.  I had to put a toes shot in too…  Plus my friends and I were borderline obsessed with the swing so it MUST be included.

Many thanks to Jinky, Deb, Meg, and Kathy for all the hard work.  It was wonderful.

  • http://www.lanemarie.net lane

    oh i adore these. i love the wide angle on the catepillar, I totally see alice in that. so adorable! these are all stunning coco. honestly i truly love them. so proud of you and what a nice post. i love it all!

  • kimbrali

    holy crap coco. these are phenomenal!!!! i think im going to start saving up in a jar for one of her workshops because i find her so inspiring as well. beautiful images dear.

  • http://www.bellinipics.com/blog Stephanie

    Coco! I love the caterpillar shot–you know that. So amazing. And you got such great angles on “goat boy”! We all need a little kick in the rear sometimes. I can’t wait to see what transpires from your new creative journal entries!

  • http://www.surprisephotography.com/blog/ Melissa

    Looks amazing COCO!! Looks like this workshop is moving up my must do list!!! Gotta love a creative kick in the butt every now and then!

  • http://www.dewdropphotography.com Jess Wernes

    Gorgeous stuff–great location! You’re so lucky to have had that experience!

  • http://www.krginphoto.com Aida Krgin

    Beautiful images!!! I gatta go check Barb Uil out! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sandra Bludau

    Love it, Love it, Love it. Ah Jinky’s magic is working on you already with the heart shaped mommy and baby. : ) I could look at these all day long. I can hear your heart singing from Texas!

  • http://www.labellalucephoto.com Michelle Henrick

    Gorgeous photos… beautifully processed. :)

  • Elizabeth

    Compositions are so artistic…makes you want to linger and study each one…just beautiful…lighting is gorgeous!

  • http://www.laurahaleyphotography.com Haley Lancaster

    yeah- these seem totally you- love them!