A bit of rain, a trip to the ER, and we still fit in their session!



A little sneak peek for Jill – so happy that we were able to beat the rain today!  Plus side?  Cloudy evening means no one else on the beach on a Sunday!  These two little rascals – both under three – (pour Mom a drink, right?) were sweet as could be.  Little 15 month old Charlie, on the bottom photo, had a long day with a trip to the emergency room (he’s a-ok, thank goodness, but always stressful), so he was ready to get going as soon as we met!  Poor little guy, he just wanted to run around after having a rough day.  We let them just play around most of our session, and I think that worked out just fine.  See, Jill!  I told you I’d get them to look at me!!  :)