For the ladies out there…

I always said that when this blog got going I would post more than just photography.  Especially when I find something I LOVE and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it.  As many of you know my former career was in the fashion industy and it’s just hard to teach an old dog new tricks!  I still love to look for things, still love to shop and the NEW Cristina is all about saving a buck here and there so I can support my lens shopping addiction.  So this is for all my girlie readers out there.

This brings me to shoes.  I really liked the Tory Burch Miller thong – thought it would be really cute in metallic or red for a summer sandal.  Went to try them on – they hurt like heck and honestly, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a pair of $195 flip flops that I would see on EVERYONE else this summer.  (Tory Burch is just huge in Westchester/Greenwich)  I like to wear something a little different, don’t you?

So on my quest I found this AMAZING Sunrise sandal from American Eagle!!  FOR $29!!!  Repeat after me, TWENTY NINE DOLLARS.  Now, those of you who know me know that I’m a bit of a shoe snob and after years in accessories know a few things about mark up and quality…  so this is coming from the horse’s mouth.

Here is the Tory Burch:

toryburchmillerwhtpat_front_300And here is the American Eagle:

1415_2444_7911Honestly, they are like butter.  The leather is so soft and the foot bed is padded.  The TB sandles were hard as a rock and so uncomfy.  Plus, hello, $166 cheaper!  YAY!  I think the gold metallic is so so cute too and I like that I’m not wearing someone’s giant logo on my foot.

They are online at – enjoy!!!

xoxo, cc

  • Kelly

    Very cute! The awesome price makes them ten times better though! I have a major shoe addiction but am really cheap so it takes a lot to find something to please me. I approve! :)

  • kimbrali

    great find! and i totally know what you are talking about with the uncomfortableness. you can just tell by looking at them! i still love her tunics though :) dont own one! but still like em.

  • Ange

    I like the AE ones soooo much better. Good find!