4 boys, oh my!

Ok, I’m playing catch up today.  I have no idea why I’ve gotten so behind on blogging, but I promise I will post one session each day this week.  I promise.  No figures crossed.  Wait, does it count if I post at midnight?

This is WAY behind.  Mom is actually getting her gallery tomorrow.  It’s still a preview, right?  Technically.  :)

This family is moving to London!  Actually, they’ve actually already moved because this session was three days before they were leaving.  They wanted some photographs at their New York home to remember their boys being boys here at this crazy stage in their lives.

Family of four kids are always a lot of work to photograph.  Fun work, but a workout for sure.  Four boys?  Oy.

Here is what happens the majority of the time with four boys:


Although moms know that they will get some of this, they do want the nice calm shot and it is the wrangling of the four boys that’s usually a challenge.  Like I said, workout, but do-able.  They really wanted to get their front porch in for a memory!  This is their tough guys pose…

Another house memory – apparently this is his favorite spot.  I was about to clean up the hand prints on the glass, but then I realized that shows how he was there all the time so I left it.

If it were me I would get 4 square canvases for my walls and put these up just like this.  That’s if I had a new house in London that needed decorating anyway…   ;)  Just thinking…

Love this one…  I might even use this as the canvas instead above!   oooooh, yes!

and this too!


Thank you for spending one of your last days in the US with me!  It was wonderful meeting you!



  • http://www.shirazphotographyblog.com Shira Zimmerman

    Gorgeous!!! love this session!!

  • http://www.sandrabludauphoto.com Sandra Bludau

    These are such great memories! Wow four boys! Very beautiful session.