I’m eggs-austed. { rye, ny childrens photographer }

j is pooped!

Well, Easter is over! It was a great weekend, but I am sooooo tired! We had a bunch of family in and it was J’s first Easter where he was able to run around and participate in all the festivities. He was such a great little man and this holiday reminds me how blessed we are to have him.
Unfortunately, all that family, eating, playing, Easter egg hunting left no time for working on my website. It’s coming along, but slooooowly!
This is a pic of J after a long morning of church, brunch, egg hunts, Easter shows and plain old running around. Kind of how I feel today!

Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday week with your own family!

  • http://www.cristinacocophoto.com Cristina

    don’t forget to say hello!

  • Ange

    Beautiful photo and you know I love the website. xoxo

  • http://www.laurahaleyphotography.com Haley Lancaster

    I love this bw coloring- so beautiful. loving those eye lashes :)

  • carl portale

    Favoloso!!! Pero, preferisco il nome, cristina-portale-coco!!

  • http://www.erincarlylephotography.com Erin Carlyle

    Yummy picture!

  • Aleza

    Beautiful, beautiful photos!!