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I think I photograph more twins than any other photographer in Westchester!  Happy to hold the title, I swear each set of twins makes me so happy as they are always so much fun and are so incredibly connected to each other.  I find they are much more touchy-feely than regular siblings and it always makes for such great images.

These two were no exception.  Giggles, hugs and hamming for the camera the whole session.  I loved every second.  Their mom loves photography and it was so nice working with someone who appreciated the process so much, so thank you Daniela!


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Child photographer Rye, NY and Greenwich, CT Cristina Coco

2014 was quite a whirlwind of a year.  I honestly can’t believe how it flew by as I sit here going through all the images I took.  It’s amazing to me how I am brought into all of these families lives – I am so honored to do my job and I have so much fun on every single shoot.

It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t share as much as I should (ok, ok, so it was mostly from my mom…).  I usually put an image or two on Facebook, and that’s about it.  So now that it’s slowed down a bit I’ve decided to start sharing images from 2014.  No rhyme or reason to the order I’m presenting them, just as I go through the images to update my website I figured it would be best to highlight some of these fantastic people.  The session I picked today was because I remember feeling such joy through the entire shoot.  Everyone was happy to be there, there were laughs and fun and I honestly felt happy as soon as I started looking at the images again.

So enjoy this wonderful family.  This was a surprise birthday present for their dad – I hope that he loved it as much as I did.  He’s probably the only person that could love it more!

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