Big Brother Joy : Rye NY Child Photographer

I loved this session.  I loved it til my heart sang and I’m telling you, I had a high afterwards.  The reason was a little guy who had a laugh that could make even the grumpiest old man smile.  He was smart, funny, and I seriously wanted to adopt him after our time together.

child photographer Cristina Coco RYE

He just became a big brother and was so excited and proud.  I can’t imagine what an incredible big brother he will be.

Rye newborn photography


His little brother is just so cute too!  He really liked to eat, which is why I got to spend so much time with his older brother.

Westchester Baby Photography Cristina Coco

This last image is one of the my most favorite laughs I’ve gotten in a while.  You can’t fake pure joy.  It comes from the belly and soars past the heart.  When it releases, you get this.

2 Rye westchester childrens photographer

(e.t.a) Someone on facebook asked why I didn’t include this one because they loved it.  lol.  Ok, just one more!  ;)Breanne_47