I am just feeling colorful these days! {westchester child photographer}


As someone who LOVES black and white, I’ve been in a color mode for the past two weeks.  Just as I thought I had hit my max, I had a great weekend and was really excited to find this new location – this is just the tip of all the amazing colors and scenes to shoot!  The funny thing is, it’s been under my nose for YEARS!  I hope that I’ll be able to use it soon, but this darn weather has really put a damper on my schedule.  Let me know if you’d like to try it out with me!

This beautiful two year old would not look at me, but the colors in this shot just make me happy!

  • shari

    awesome! love that photo!

  • Haley

    Love that hot new pic of you! These colored images are awesome. Sometimes I get stuck In black and white too but these pics of yours have inspired to step out of the box!

  • Ange

    You know your bench/chair shots are my faaaaaaaaaaaaavorite. To me that’s one of the CC trademarks and I want one for myself!